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Immunomodulator - New Treatment For Arthritis

NSAIDs treat joint disease pain and swelling. Immunomodulators works to control immune Memory T-Cells that invade the joints and cause osteo-arthritis and swelling.

This new Treatment for Arthritis really was discovered in 1971. Cetyl myristoleate was first discovered by a Medical professional. Harry W. Diehl likewise National Institute of Major tomato diseases. But because of lack funding it was discontinued until years later.

It emerged revived when Dr. Diehl himself contracted Arthritis. After exhausted all avenues through conventional medicine with no true luxury, to relieve himself of the pain caused by osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis he injected himself with cetyl myristolate and easy and fast reverses his OsteoArthritis healthiness. His doctor was so impressed by the beneficial results, he urged him to publish a report. In Feb . of 1994, his research study hopes of injectable cetyl myristoleate looked in The Journal of each Pharmaceutical Sciences

Today we do not have to inject cetyl meyristolate with all the joints for relief, it now can be purchased in an effective pill habit and topical rub. It is marketed under the name CMO or CM High.


· CMO isn't any pain reliever (only hiding the pain)

· It isn't a steroid

· It is only an anti-inflammatory (however it functions like one)

Once the attacks in the joints are stopped, pain and joint disease are promptly remedied.

"There's never been anything like it before for Arthritis. As an alternative to treating the Symptoms of pain and inflammation, CMO capsules act directly against the cause of Arthritis, the memory T-cells at your house immune system that get this attacks against your big toe joint. Once the error within the immune system is adjusted by CMO, the attacks at the joints stop and this and inflammation should pan out relieved forever.

Dr. Len Sands the director by San Diego Clinic. "

How Soon Are you able to Expect Relief?

Sometimes it takes three or more weeks in order to feel much relief, often it happens overnight.

In a few, discomfort was reduced only by just 70% to 90%. Being an acute Arthritis suffers, 70% relief is massive. Even 70% relief allows them to function near normal more often than once.

How Long Should You'll have taken It?

"Unlike everything else intended for Arthritis, you don't have to take in repeatedly. CMO is not a pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, cortisone as well as other steroid. CMO is a primary immunomodulator, it regulates your immune system. "

Dr. Len Sands the director by San Diego Clinic

One month is actually long enough for Treatment. Research has revealed in less sever destinies, a couple of weeks to get CMO is enough; for others it might take three or more ages. However, unlike NSAIDs, there aren't any know side effects. You may take it for the rest of your life if additionally want/need to. CMO Treatment of Arthritis solve the tummy bleeding, cardiovascular problems along with being gastrointestinal perforations.

· Keep taking it until you feel a level of joint pain relief that is satisfactory for you. Your Arthritis may be completely gone, but it might halted.

· Start taking understand it when Symptoms reappear. Try to check with your medical expert, but there's little explanation danger with this fully clean Treatment for Arthritis.

How bad is it possible to hurt?

Is it Steeply-priced?

That depends on telling you call expensive?

In terms of conventional Treatment for Arthritis, this cost of treatment for Arthritis is very limited. $39. 00 to $75. 00. How long are you spending concerning pain, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressants, apps, rubs and co-pays witout a doubt? Are they really working to reduce the cause of joint inflammation or is the realtor only treating the Symptoms and masking this?

Since you usually have to take only a few couple of years of CMO capsules, it actually saves hundreds and hundreds of Treatment dollars last but not least.

P. S. Make sure your CMO is of fine quality and comes from a reputable company. There are no frequent assurance regulations in place in the uk right now. Look for some people company who manufactures to help you out pharmaceutical standards.

If one needs Arthritis, two published studies at first Journal of Rheumatology: Beauty of Cetyl Myristoleate-Celadrin April 2003, and Effect of a Cetylated Fatty acid Topical Cream on Functional Mobility and quality of Life of Patients with OsteoArthritis April, 2004 verify the unheralded results CMO. As well as, there was a clinical trial made by an independent research group in combination that found 96% one's trial patients found relief in 60 times of Treatment.

Nikken's nutritional products are manufactured to pharmaceutical industry standards and are generally more correctly identified the actual world "Nutraceuticals".

According to Doctor. Ernest M. Vandeweghe, Jr., MD., Nikken is one of the only five nutrition issuers in America that agrees with the rigid quality standards one's American Nutraceutical Association (ANA), aka American Pharmaco-Nutraceutical Association. About there are almost 400 companies producing vitamins and minerals.


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