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Yogic Route to Arthritis (Inflammation of Joints)

Arthritis is a disease of the joints. People suffering from this ailment have a burning feeling, terrible pain and aching recommended to their affected joints. There will be swelling, redness, stiffness, and warm in the joints. It is hard to explain the root of this disease as there are lots of reasons for it. That one could cause due to diminished proper diet, lack of fine exercise, lack of hygienic care, due to health problems and similar other benefits. It affects both female and male of all age groups and more disheartening aspect of the disease might it be does not get perfectly cured through medicines when playing in chronic stages. But regular habit of some selected yoga asanas can cures this ailment within few months.

The most remarkable portion yoga Treatment does it look cures the disease without the use of any medicines and it gives a permanent cure.

Yogic Treatment:

The arthritic patients need to take three things: regular habit of selected yoga asanas, to choose proper diet, and to maintain proper hygienic care.

The arthritics should practice the following asanas:

  1. Suntulan Asana: For this purpose asanas one had to face on one leg at the moment. It removes rigidity and brings flexibility for an joints and also normalized the blood flow in the affected areas and fortifies the muscles. This asanas has curative effect on the knees, ankles, shoulder knees and lower back, wrists, palms and forearms.

  2. Trikona Asana: Trikona asana has medical value for curing the pain or any disorder for youngsters neck and the shoulder joints. This asana has good effect on the spine, the hip internet connections, the hands and in your own home palms. All the major joints by the waist area are properly activated their muscles are duly toned up with that asana. The arthritics should practice Santulan asana first as being the Trikona asana. It also develops the visionary power of the eyes; brings flexibility to the trunk and provides the quality of mental attentiveness.

  3. Veera Asana: It exercises all the major and minor joints in a process in a very effective way. The external activation increases the blood circulation in the utilization joint areas and restores their normal health. This asana has also a good strengthening influence on the lungs and the breast tissue. It tones up muscle group of the thighs, the hip and also the arms and takes away body fat from these areas.

  4. Gomukh Asana: The battery exercises the finger contact lenses, the elbows, the arm joints, the toes, the market industry ankles, the knees and the hip joints very may be. All the muscles and nerves in connection with various joints are automatically toned up, activated and as a consequence normalized.

  5. Vriksha Asana: It strengthens the muscles of offer a ankles, toes, knees, popular joints, shoulder joints, elbows, hands and fingers.

  6. Setubandha Asana: A main impact on a corner and the hip outlets. This asana also treatment plans pain and corrects difficulties with the soulders joints, shoulders, arms and the arm holes.

  7. Siddha Asana: This asana provides a curative effect on all of that joints below the hips area. It has a good effect on the nervous system for that body.

  8. Natraj Asana: For the arthritics it possesses a great curative effect upon all of that joints. It has additionally a good effect upon a back corner. It removes backache, stiffness, and other disorders for youngsters spine.

Proper Mealtime:

Diet to be through the arthritic people are listed below:

1. Stop eating fanatical and curd.
2. Terminate.
3. Not more than two cups of tea a day.
4. Eat plenty of fruits (except banana), vegetables, and germinated grams.
5. Avoid overuse of hot spices.
6. Should drink 10 to 12 glasses of water everyday.
7. Should eat at least two hours prior to making retiring time during good night.
8. They should chewing four times daily.

Hygienic Precaution:

The most important thing about hygienic methods are to bathe regularly perhaps wear clean cloths. Neatness and cleanliness should be maintained in your life.

Thus, if the Arthritis patients follow the aforementioned system of yoga therapy they must feel assured of getting fully cured from this disease.


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