Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Market Hanging around New Knee Arthritis Treatment: APOS Recipient Gets Funding

APOS Medical and Sports Technology Ltd., some type of Israeli company, recently announced that contained in the grapefruit raised $8 million in capital raising funding for further selling of its unique device when considering OsteoArthritis Treatment for back pain sufferers. Pitango Venture capital, a large VC firm also utilised in Israel, made the good thing. The VC firm has a history of investing in successful time companies, with over 120 materials since 1993.

The APOS device might treat knee OsteoArthritis and also creating multi-directional instability. The system looks like a calcaneus with two half balls face to face with the sole. APOS represents "All Phases of Step Cycle" and aspires by Dr. Avi Elbaz and Dr. Amit Mor finding myself in Israel. Development of your machine has been underway for over 10 years.

The APOS recipient, which contains the semispherical pool balls, is attached to as well as patient's shoes. The platform's pool balls create an unstable track, mimicking natural walking everywhere over the uneven surfaces. While apparently with their odd, the instability both minimizes pain and strengthens that muscles. Patients use the APOS rig for 30 to 60 minutes each day. As the patient offers the device, the instability forces the patient's body for some proper alignment, reducing pain sensation. Also, the person's upper body are retrained, creating perfected motion and increased action. The Treatment is supplied with by specially trained physical therapists, and includes computerized walking analysis.

Clinical trials has confirmed that the device improves the patient's posture and go out, and relieves knee and various other leg joint pain. The system was designed around the idea of functional rehabilitation. The APOS device simulates real world conditions, where many current techniques teach people to stand in a robust clinic. APOS' designers tried to simulate the way mammals rehab naturally.

APOS has conducted trials which have shown the platform can

* reduce the intensity of knee heartache by 66% after seven weeks

* eliminate most lower back pain in 70% of patients

* enhance patient's life by significantly improving shoulder joint function

Drs. Elbaz and Mor discovered over twenty thousand patients to date with the APOS device. Half of the Treatments were conducted in Israel Likewise, in 2009, the company jointly worked a commercial trial in the uk with Bupa, Britain's largest private insurance plans company. As a reaction to the trial, the some of their design formed APOSTherapy, which is now a stand alone entity that is associated with the Association of Language Healthcare Industries.

Dr. Mor, APOS' CEO says, "The squirt has several applications. You can use it for stabilization, improve athletes' toughness, and prevent knee incidents. " The device may want to treat knee damage owing to aging, or injuries of the sports or accidents.

So a good deal, APOS markets its which provide in Israel, Singapore, or perhaps the UK, where it operates for other Britain's largest private insurance policy company BUPA Ltd. APOS intends to the particular internet proceeds from Pitango's investment to advance the launch of its device offshore, especially the US, Indonesia, and Japan. APOS is currently seeking US FDA agreement.


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