Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bee Sting Remedy for Arthritis Pain Relief - May be the a Joke

As long ago as around 400 SIMPL. C., Hippocrates - the Greek physician known as the "father of medicine", used bee venom to cure joint pain and swelling, in fact bee venom process has been around for thousands of years.

Reference's to the Treatment can be found in ancient Egypt and Historic medical writings.

Also classified apitherapy, the technique is most preferred in Eastern Europe, Asia and South usa. Today many people still find the stings of honeybees helpful these kinds of are conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), additionally OsteoArthritis.

Honeybee venom contains many active substances one of these is 'Mellitin', an anti-inflammatory agent which is proven to be more than one $ 100 times stronger than steroid.

These substances stimulate the body's release of the hormone cortisol the particular neurotransmitters such as dopamine, norepinephrine additionally serotonin, all of that will assist relieve the pain, force and swelling of Arthritis.

Caution.... Allergic Reactions

Yes it does appear to be a quick fix for currently Arthritis pain, however, unfortunately bee stings are famous for triggering an allergic outbursts called 'Anaphylaxis' or  Anaphylaxis conflict.

Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening sized allergic reaction, so caution should be shown if you intend on this course of Treatment.

Is Bee Venom A successful method Technique?

Although bee venom therapy is largely an unproven technique, a small number regarding U. S physicians have reported great results using the substance more arthritic conditions.

Treatments about honeybee venom therapy, rather than 'Apitherapy' supposedly started immediately after bee-keepers, who were stung most times, noticed their Arthritis condition were relieved. Some practitioners still put into practice live bee stings that provides the venom.

Bee stings are in no way a cure-all & there's no way of knowing if they are effective for you, without having, which could be dangerous without the presence of appropriate medical supervision. Or even cap it all, we shouldn't forget bee stings may not be pleasant.

If you do decide you should try bee stings, speak with your doctor.   It's important that you be prepared for an essential allergic reaction through a bee sting allergy kit accessible - even if you've never reacted negatively to bee stings surely. Although the side associated with bee-venom therapy usually are mild, an allergic reaction to a sting this is often deadly.

Is  Apitherapy a possible option For My Arthritis?

It's factual that bee stings may reprogram your Arthritis, but in my estimation should probably be stayed away from, due to the effects involved. The good news is in many cases Less barbaric natural methods exist and could prove far easier to use and even more effective in relieving all kinds of Arthritis pain and inflammation

Written this Mark John


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