Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Rheumatoid Arthritis - Chronic Pointless Without Drugs

My mother was obviously a vibrant and active sweetheart. She was active in her church, worked in soup kitchens, loved digging during the dirt and just generally having fun. She and her partner, my step-father, traveled coupled with a marvelous time along with.

One day she awakened barely able to blood flow. She told me that the pain and stiffness came basically overnight. She was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. The difference in her was so dramatic it may be difficult to comprehend. She lived in pain in excess of 10 years.

The last few years of her life, she moved back you and me after her beloved hubby died. Much of that time I lived in the apartment next top, going in and external, checking on her. Once she told me "I hurt watching television. "

The last four numerous years of her life she searched on steroids and vicodin if you wish to control the pain. The down-side of the steroids have symptoms of what killed her... although her death certificate declares cerebral vascular accident... otherwise known as a stroke. The steroids had cascading effects if you would like kidney damage and brittle arteries and.

It's been 14 years this means you will still feel like last week.

Today there are alternative methods of reducing pain without the use of drugs. One of the fresh new technologies is the CieAura holographic discomfort chips. I've talked to people with put them on all of their arthritic hands, feet, legal fees, neck and have professional tremendous relief. For some there is not any longer any pain. For some individuals the pain has turned down to manageable levels without having medications are needed.

The CieAura holographic chips carry technology so cutting edge that persons can understand it. The hologram both in chips contain information which resonate with the vibrations of the cells... and I didn't be aware of cells vibrated until I stumbled onto the chips.

I've heard people say no one is able a little hologram pursuing the plastic sticker could contain information of your respective relevance. I suppose once it was impossible to live a life a little magnetic strip on the back of credit cards or hotel key cards which can contain information this really is transmitted electronically.

A wide range of sports figures are taking CieAura holographic chips. Rudy Tomjanovich and not just Elvin Hayes, two names that will resonate with "old" little league fans, spoke at ones CieAura launch in The big apple. They talked about that the pain that was and any chips that balanced their bodies hence the pain disappeared.

I question whether I'd still have Mom here to communicate in with if she utilized the chips. No harmful drugs... no brittle blood yachts... no stroke. Her mom died a few years later in her mid-90s, so she appears to have been able to still exist in her early 80s. For many, that is something I'll find out.

I do know these little tasks of plastic with information contained in the hologram are relieving pain in thousands of people right now. These families that i can have their loved ones together longer because absolutely nothing enters the human body.

I wish I'd had them 14 days of old for my mom.


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