Friday, April 19, 2013

Value Treatment For Chronic Discomfort & OsteoArthritis

The body produces producing electricity to regulate everything between a heartbeat to the way our brains process things. And electromedicine has been utilized to treat conditions most notably the first century AD the moment more Roman physicians utilized electric eels to manage conditions like gout. But, like many things about our body it has taken a long time to genuinely understand how manipulating at the same time enhancing that electrical energy within our body can assist in the health and wellbeing of that person. Hard disk. Hansjurgens was a leading researcher in neuro-scientific electrotherapy and came to a couple of unique conclusions on how electricity affects your body differently.

In fact Computer. Hansjurgens realized early of this there were some bounds in interferential Treatments taken because they focused on just stimulation from the area being treated. As they studied and applied his theories to cases he discovered which he could classify the electrotherapy Treatments into two classes:

  • Stimulatory which increases and decreases intensity over low frequencies (1-1000hz) currently in use for treating atrophy, the pc muscle rehab & strengthening, leg joint disorders and spasms

  • Multi-Facilitory which keeps the intensity constant of this higher frequency (1000-100000 hz) which they can display for treating chronic polyArthritis, neuralgia, neuroma, inflamations, sciatic nerve pain, severe pain and pains.

This realization led him to create a new technology that treated patients at both Stimulatory and Multi-Facilitory level and called this new Treatment process Horizontal Therapy. Through multiple clinical studies Horizontal Therapy is among the actual Gold Standard in electrotherapy Treatment. By delivering these two classes of Treatments to patients although clinicians treat the specific condition at the stage that the pain but also with a biochemical level to boost the healing properties of the body to help provide long term results.


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