Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Osteo Arthritis as high as Ayurvedic Management with Prescriptions

OsteoArthritis which is known as sandhigatavata in ayurvedic medicine may occurs because of a some particular food, poor circulatory, dryness, over exertion the low nutrient supply for just about any joint. It is quite an vata disease described associated with ayurvedic classicals like Charak samhita but in addition Ashtanga hridaya. It stems from the inflammation and decline in cartilage and affects your joints of knees, pelvis, lower spine, fingers and as a consequence toes.

It can be also managed by

  • Eating list of vegetables, freshly cooked diet plan, hot soups of dried beans, pulse, moderate quantity together with ghee and oils experiencing lubircate the dried joints. By avoiding oily and fried foods. Doing a regular mild exercise programme make it possible for the joint to move avoiding further damages also by noti ndulging with a hard job which can harm the joints. Daily massaging from your mahanaraya oil or apparent oils prescribed by an ayurvedic doctor is required to calm down due to the vata dosha.

  • Ayurvedic drugs make an effort to reduce the vitiated vata and having improves the kapha further pitha functions. The main drug that is recommended to treat this degenerative disorder is Karaskara. Sahachara, bala, devdar, shallaki etc are other used. Main preparations uncover are qwath, arishta, choorna, supplements and ghrit.

  • In order to cleanse the toxins from the colon Triphala, this is usually a mild laxative is paid for. Triphala has specific action to pacify vitated vata.

  • Trikatu is given to enhance the digestive fire and are able to enhance the equilibrium past pitha dosha.

  • Guggul helps you to strengthen the bone tissue. It reduces the redness and edema, pacify kapha dosha.

  • In order to control irritation, Ayurveda suggests Boswellia chewing gum or phellodendron bark and provides scute root and it is used with myrrh gum, fang feng main, qin and jiao bottom level.

Commonly used medications are Sahacharadi qwath, Guggul thikta qwath, Maharasnadi qwath, Rasnerandadi qwath, Balarishta, Dhanwantharishta, Karasakar ghrit, Guggul thiktaka ghrit, Shadpala ghrit. Ashwagandha, Bala, Shallaki, Guggul and Rasna utilized in pure herbs fashion.


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