Friday, January 18, 2013

Arthritis Treatment: Is There is Data About Effectiveness Of different Stem Cells For OsteoArthritis Treatment?

OsteoArthritis (OA) one in all common form of Arthritis. It is a disease that affects articular cartilage material.

Cartilage is a complex tissue that is known for a matrix substance made from water, collagen, and proteoglycans (proteins combined with the sugars). In addition, muscle mass, called chondrocytes, sit inside the matrix and make manufacturing the matrix.

The increase of OA is a complicated process that is hastened by genetics, trauma, and aging.

The exact sequence of events leading to OA is still individual of conjecture. However, which it is the most common version Arthritis and affects so many individuals (approximately 20 million Americans), is subject of intense analysis.

Unfortunately, the Treatment using OA, to date, has poor. It consists first of all of symptomatic relief.

Anti-inflammatory healing system, ice, injections of steroid and viscosupplements (lubricants), essential, and eventually joint replacement are definitely the current forms of Treatment.

The ideal Treatment for OA ought to, of course, include harm. But also, slowing down the rate of cartilage loss or even reversing it by adding new cartilage is a really major goal. And same with avoidance of joint new surgery.

That is why the objective of autologous stem cells (a company's own stem cells) has garnered a huge amount of interest. Here are a result of a patient who had an autologous stem cell technique of OA of the branch at our center last year...

- Started having considerable pain i reckon right knee in January 2010

- Identified as having irreversible Arthritis of my right knee in March 2010 by both Rochester (Michigan) Lower - leg and University of Michigan Orthopedists

- Knee stem unknown number procedure on December 10, 2010 performed of the Arthritis Treatment Center

- a couple of months recovery and physical therapy

- Bay Shore Marathon May 2011

- Solstice 10 miler as an element of June 2011

- Peterborough 85. 3 July 2011

- WAM 300 mile /3 day period tour July 2011

- Crim 10 miler June 2011

- Ironman Wisconsin September 2011

- Completed the Upside down Corp Marathon October 2011

While these results aren't that will show the typical attaining your goal, many of the active "Boomers" that has undergone this procedure at our center have done well and been able to go back to a high level from the activity.

Our results amongst the first 22 patients with OA for a knee, which is genital herpes virus treatments specialize in, are believed here.

(Wei N, Hairs S, Delauter S, Bitner FUL, Gillis R, Rau C, Miller C, Clark T. Guided Mesenchymal Stem Cell Layering Way in which Treatment of OsteoArthritis for a Knee. J Applied Ers. 2011; 11: 44-48)

Who knows... someday... joint replacement surgery may be a subject put to rest.


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